3 types of businesses that need CRM

CRM continues to be a big talking point in the industry, with many businesses unsure of the exact benefits that this system can bring.

For those with a negative view, then they are probably using CRM all wrong. Many of the world’s biggest businesses wouldn’t be where they are today without a solid Customer Relationship Management system.

We’re serious about CRM at Mosaic Cloud Services, so we’re bringing you this blog so you can hopefully find out a little bit more about what it entails, as well as the types of businesses that could flourish.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a system that helps to manage customer data. Dependent on the size of the business, they will either employ a CRM team in-house or opt to outsource their CRM to a reputable IT company.

It allows for management of sales, social media integration, team communication and more.

Good use of CRM will allow a company to see all kinds of sales insights, thanks to data analysis. It helps customer retention so therefore is a great tool for driving sales.

Below are just three of the main types of businesses that can benefit from CRM.

B2B Company

A.K.A Business-to-business, B2B companies are starting to realise how a good CRM system can help them rise to the top of the table.

In this hugely competitive industry, a CRM system that works will allow for sales staff to find various analytics about a brand or company, and work out the best way to approach business with them.

It can massively speed up transactions, and when time is money, this is key.


Companies that manufacture products are often made up of several (even hundreds or thousands) of teams and that can prove quite the dilemma when trying to get everything to flow seamlessly.

Thankfully, CRM can help, each step of the process can be tracked, helping to get a clear picture of when any changes to the output may be needed. It also helps those involved in the business but not in the actual manufacturing process, e.g. the sales, marketing and support networks.

Professional Services

Professional services can range from small teams to giant ones, but usually, the expertise lies in the service you are offering.

Sometimes the budget may not be there to hire a dedicated salesperson or a social media expert, so by choosing the right CRM system, you can loosen the workload.

From organising customer data to planning future reports, a CRM system that works for your business will allow you to keep on doing what you do best, without losing valuable hours of your time and expertise.

What can Mosaic Cloud Services offer?

Our experts have been hard at work to help build what we believe is the perfect system to help businesses CRM.

It helps to manage clients from the original sale right until future support, so they are looked after at every step of the way.

This cloud-based solution allows for better interactions with customers, giving it a more personal feel when sometimes you just don’t have the time to react yourself.

There are more benefits than merely ensuring customers are kept happy also, with the opportunity to monitor workflow internally (staff and departments) and externally (suppliers and external partners), allowing your team is working to the best of their ability.

All of the above can give brands and businesses a clear idea of what is working well and what might not be, with the key strengths and weaknesses now easier to spot than ever before.

If you’re interested in getting help with CRM from Mosaic Cloud Services, then feel free to give us a call on 01925 563843 and one of our team will talk you through the process.