How Telecoms Have Changed The World

Telecommunications may have been around for over a century, with the telegram a prime early example, but no one could imagine just how big a part, telecoms and technology now play in our lives in the 21st century.

Download Speeds…

It’s not even that long ago, but the days of dial-up broadband seem ancient. Broadband slowly got faster, before Wi-Fi came along and suddenly the world was a hive of connectivity.

The speeds will blow your mind too. Films, boxsets and more can all be downloaded before you’ve even had the chance of thinking where you’ll go to get that DVD.

Almost all of our shows and music are watched/listened to online now, with DVDs and CDs little more than an expensive gift for those technophobes or the ‘hard to buy presents for’ family member that we all know!

Businesses are now working faster than ever, both in and out of the office. Transferring files can be done in no time whilst video calls can be done in complete crystal clear clarity, no matter where in the world you’re trying to contact.

More than a phone… a smart one!

Phones are slowly taking over from computers as the everyday connectivity tool for the general public as well as businesses. There’s hardly anything that the smartphone in your pocket can’t do that a computer can. Emails, calls, video calls, conferences, and calendars – it’s like one giant Filofax of technology.

Personal organisation is available on the same device, from scheduling meetings to getting reminders about paying a client on time. You can speak or chat to anyone, get push notifications and there are even ways to show when a message has been delivered, seen or read.

Payments are also changing, with the ability to transfer money quickly and safely through apps that charge no to little fees. Ideal for businesses needing to settle invoices.

The way we learn…

The World Wide Web is an ever-expanding fountain of knowledge, questions and answers are everywhere on Google for example. The next generation can almost be taught directly from the internet, whether you agree with that or not. Anything from online video tutorials, to live teaching lessons online – the future of learning could look incredibly different soon.

Knowledge is also picked up from news sites, social media and other similar online sites and apps, instead of the conventional paperback books and newspapers. E-books are also proving popular, being able to store several books to read on a small portable device like your phone.

Social Interaction…

Both a positive and a negative. On the one hand, we are talking far more than previously, thanks to being able to communicate via social media, text, instant messaging and the various apps that are a part of everyday life.

It’s good for business too, with the phone call not the only way to get in touch with someone urgently. However, this has led to a lack of interaction in person, with people glueed to their phones and devices.

It’s a fairly new thing but it is becoming more increasingly common. This could see social anxiety levels rise as new generations are brought up looking through a screen, not interacting with other people.

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