Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions Warrington

Cloud-based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from our cloud servers.

The large majority of businesses save their valuable business data on a server, PC or other networked devices, so backing this data up is essential in the unfortunate event of data loss or damage.

Without doing so there is no guarantee that a successful recovery can be performed if needed. It’s far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to making sure your business is always running smoothly.

Why Use Cloud Based Solutions Warrington?

Traditional backups are often done manually by an elected staff member as the data is stored on tape, disc or cartridge and stored safely at the end of every day. Handling your data this way is dangerous. In the event of a fire or property damage, all of your stored data will be lost beyond restoration. This would obviously have devastating effects on any business.

Cloud Solutions offer backups that are now widely recognised as the safest, most appropriate business service solution as it saves a lot of time and the need for a staff member to manually collect and store your data. Daily backups are done automatically and stored ready for you to review or restore your data wherever you may need it, hassle free.

What Can I Use The Cloud For?

Email Cloud Services

Email Cloud Based Solutions remove the need to setup and manage and email server for your business. We put together a bespoke system, which includes as many mailboxes as you need, that are then distributed amongst your employees.


Finance and Accounting

Cloud Accounting systems have proven to be more flexible and easy to use than the desktop equivalent and create one space in which you can manage all of your accounts and even give controlled access to your accountant.


Project Management

Whether it’s within your team for remote working or collaborating with external partners, cloud services can help workflow right across your team, giving you access to virtual workspaces, message boards, project monitoring tools and more.

File Sharing and Storage

Whether your team is based internally or externally, having one place that allows access to team files across every machine, with access management and admin tools promises to increase productivity across the board.


Data Storage and Backups

Data Storage and Backups provides an extra layer of security to all the most important digital assets of your company. Cloud Storage is an external solution that can be used for both general storage and a seamless backup.

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