ERP & CRM Development

ERP & CRM Development

If you are concerned about your business growth, Mosaic Cloud Services can build you a bespoke ERP & CRM development to meet your needs and automate your business processes.

We’ve worked with a huge variety of companies and put together seamless, bespoke ERP & CRM Developments for both SMEs and Large Companies alike, always creating a solution that works for your business, your people and your budget.

Bespoke CRM Development

A Bespoke CRM Development (or Customer Relationship Management system) is the ideal software for managing your clients from the original sale to future support. It’s a cloud-based solution built by our experts to suit your Sales Funnel from start to finish. A seamless CRM System provides you with the tools to build upon the User Experience your customers receive when interacting with your business.

Not only can you use your CRM Development to manage the client journey, but you can also monitor workflows, both internally (ie. Staff and Departments) and externally (ie. Suppliers and External Partners) to ensure your business never misses a beat again.

Tracking and recording patterns within your business can be an amazing step up towards success, allowing you to identify what’s working best and build on it and easily figure out what may be causing problems and find a solution.

Bespoke ERP Development & Solutions

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) is a software that allows you to efficiently manage access across your company to any of your network resources. This is a great tool for password and access management, allowing usually one admin to control user accessibility and creating and changing passwords. A high functioning create consistent standards and help your business to run smoothly, providing crisis control to identify and prevent problems throughout workflows.

Our Bespoke ERP Development keeps you covered, with access to advice and IT support from the Mosaic Cloud Services team, it’s our priority to ensure your business is working to its optimal standard. Whether you’re managing network resources across multiple sites, working with external teams or supporting remote working within your company – ERP solutions can give you the facilities to grant and remove access to all of your key tools.

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