Why IT Security needs to be taken seriously

IT Security is paramount, yet it continues to be overlooked by many companies and businesses, as they opt for cheap alternatives. Should you have outdated security, then you’re at risk of becoming a victim of cyber-crime, with hackers able to get numerous pieces of information, and even hack into important customer accounts and steal money from the business.

To put it into context, it would be like buying the latest supercar on the market, only to take the fancy alarm system out and replace it with a padlock, or even worse, leaving it unlocked.

We could go on all day about the importance of staying secure, but we’ve decided to offer you a concise blog on some of the reasons, and also how we can help at Mosaic Cloud Services… enjoy!

Reasons why IT Security is so important?

It goes without saying, but having a lack of security for your business can be disastrous. Businesses also have legal obligations to ensure that their customer’s information is kept secure, whether it’s GDPR compliance or anything else that helps with the safekeeping of data. Not only can a breach of this data be illegal, and a hefty fine may await, but you’ll also have the knock-on effect of losing trade due to customers not trusting your site anymore.

Cost is another big issue, if your business has even minutes or seconds of downtime, you’ll be losing out on potential sales. A prolonged period of downtime could be disastrous, with serious financial implications, not only in revenue but with future business also.

When thinking about all of the above, can you afford to have a substandard security system in place, which may not be able to help in your hour of need?

How can Mosaic Cloud Services help?

We’re passionate about IT security, and we believe there should be no excuses for having a site that isn’t secure, especially in this digital age. Our experts will help to provide a managed IT Security service which will help stop cyberattacks in their tracks, no matter the budget.

The advanced systems we use at Mosaic Cloud Services allow us to flag up any potential viruses and breaches before the real consequences can take place. Not only is an early intervention in place, but the boost of extra protection gives you a double layer of safety, so your business can carry on as normal.

We have both physical and cloud-based servers, so your data is backed up and secure should there ever be a fault. Should you need any further help, our staff are available to lend a helping hand whenever they may be required.

We offer all of the below and more, including;

If you want to find out more information, or are interested in getting help from Mosaic Cloud Services, then give our team a call on 01925 563843 and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction!