What exactly is VoIP and how does it work?

You may have seen it plastered in various places, in fact, the chances are you’ve probably been using VoIP for years without even realising.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and originally was aimed at making calls solely through computers, rather than the conventional telephone.

As the modern world changes though, so does VoIP, with the possibilities now almost endless for personal and business users.

Not only can you receive and make calls from almost anywhere in the world, you can message, video call and even organise entire businesses through just one of the many VoIP systems available.

Almost all are friendly on the pocket too, with vast savings to be had as you communicate with the rest of the world…for a fraction of a voice call, text or in-person meeting.

How have I been using it?

One of the world’s largest companies is in fact VoIP – Skype. Used to connect families and friends around the world, VoIP is also an extremely popular tool for businesses to help their employees connect not only internally but externally with other companies and clients.

The benefit of Skype is its extremely low cost (free for many), and due to the fact it’s one of the most used, you’ll be able to connect to almost any company with ease.

It’s also extremely easy to use, be it via web chat, video call or conferencing, with multiple users able to connect at the same time from the comfort of their own desk or home.

Choosing a more niche VoIP service may suit your company internally, but if the person you’re trying to contact doesn’t use your service, it makes it much more difficult to communicate.

Who else is good for VoIP?


An award-winning cloud solutions tool, RingCentral is far more than just a business telephone system.

It can also be the most cost effective option for smaller businesses as everything is stored in the cloud, rather than forking out for expensive storage, hardware and various other costs that come with hosting.

In essence, a company could even go give up their traditional office space, allowing for employees to work from home, saving further on rents and equipment.

It’s also well respected in the industry for its HD call quality, something that is massively appreciated by call centres and businesses that take a lot of bookings over the phone.


Slack is your go to tool if you want everything under one roof. It’s ideal to keep all the tasks of a business in one online workspace, instantly accessible wherever an employee may be.

Here you can create tasks or jobs, message and even set times of how long a certain piece of work may have taken.

It not only lets employees easily communicate, but they can clearly see the work needed to be done. It’s also great for managers and directors to monitor workload, and takes away the sometimes tedious process of sending across various emails to get something done.

Workplace by Facebook

One of the world’s most well-known brands has branched out into the world of business VoIP, and it’s quickly gathering momentum.

Aimed solely at the business sector, the beauty of Workplace by Facebook is the identical layout to its main app.

This ensures almost all users (of all ages), will be familiar with the features and how they work.

Its messaging tool is hard to beat, allowing all users to talk to each other, either as a two-way chat or group discussions.

Private discussions can also be set up, for anything that shouldn’t be discussed in the open. It’s also a great way to file share, thanks to the enhanced security, unlimited storage capacity and quick file sharing times.

VoIP is one of the many things we offer with our business telephone systems services, get in touch for more information, here, on how we can help you and your business reach new heights.